Welcome to Shakila's official website. International Award Winning World Class #1 Billboard Vocalist. 
She is a Powerhouse vocalist, with a silky smooth lower registery, and a crystal clear highs to capture any audience and crossing the true essence of the emotion abroad.

Man Gholame Ghamaram


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Man Gholame Ghamaram, Shakila Melody and arrangement: Art Tawanghar Produced By: Majorhitrecords Published By: Buddha Cave Affiliated by: BMI Exclusive on Official Website: Lyrics: من غلام قمرم شکیلا شعر: مولانا ملودی و تنظیم از: آرت توانگر شرکت پخش: رادیو جوان

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Preorder "My Light" Available NOW!

Preorder "My Light" Available NOW!

11:11 Hollywood Media Award nominee

11:11 Hollywood Media Award nominee


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