Ocean Extinction Song! Our dear Ocean is truly dying!

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Our Ocean is Dying what are you doing about it?  
It is all up to us!

The Earth's dying oceans threatened with mass extinction”


Written By: Elan Noel  
Words: Georgia Germond  
Rap Version: Jonjo Uk artist  
Produced By: Art Tawanghar  
Publisher: www.majorhitrecords.com
Promotion By: www.Freemusicpromo.com

Producer’s thoughts  
Whenever I walk on the beach, I am always fascinated by it's sheer beauty. I have sat in front of the ocean for hours and listened to it’s melodic sound of waves splashing and serenading message of love & peace.  
Over the years I have followed the news on the estate of our ocean and witnessing the underwater life endangerment , saddens me to tears and makes my heart bleed.  
Now, every time I listen to the ocean I feel it’s pain and it's screaming out loud for help. So I decided to do something about it!   
I decided to make a song and hope that would impact the listeners by igniting their passion to a wakeup call.  

I approached many writers, until I found Georgia Germond, who is also passionate about Ocean and more inline with the message my music resonates. She spends her time in many different projects such as Ocean clean ups and many more similar projects!  

We wanted a vocalist with a similar track record, somebody who had done some about environment and truly believes in the message. SHAKILA #1 Billboard artist was specifically chosen for this project, due to her last release 11:11 Album, and all the work she has contributed in the spirituality and awakening since 1990.  

Shakila also holds a beyond and above kind of angelic voice, that can help us convey the message directly into listener’s heart, and transfer the message into actions!  

The song was Composed by the amazing Elan Noel, who is also on a spiritual journey as rest of us.  

Splashing Tears will be released as a Maxi single which contains two versions, one is the Original Radio cut, and another is a Rap version done by the talented UK artist Jonjo.  
More about Jonjo Click Here  

This song is available for purchase, and we sure hope that this message reaches millions of people and we can raise alertness of such massive catastrophic destruction that is going to impact not only our life but many generations to come.

Words: Georgia Germond  


Plastic bottles, rags, tags and bags 

Pieces of white Styrofoam decorating each beaches 

Fishing line, empty bottles of wine 

We are killing our oceans one piece of trash at a time 


Oceans are splashing tears of sorrow 

Struggling to be here tomorrow 

Waves fighting back washing debris to shore 

What will our world be; when oceans are no more 


Dolphins caught in fishing nets 

Sea turtles eating cigarettes 

Whales being killed for sport 

The life span of our ocean friends is becoming short 



The oceans do not belong to us 

We are merely here to enjoy their beauty

We Are The Plastic People
RAP Version
Words By: Georgia Germond 

We are no longer fantastic people, 
Churnin’ and burnin’ we are the plastic people, 
We need to go green you know what I mean before we mill and we kill off the world that is clean. 
Our oceans are a garbage patch where nothing can hatch, soon 
Our water will have too plastic to even splash, cuz of cash? No, 
In a few years there’ll be more plastic than there was in a thousand years. 
I’ll scream, when I see the cuisine that I’m served, ya I heard this fish got plastic between 
All its scales and its meat. Ya, I know this defeat, can’t go back, can’t retract all the litter we leave. 
Look around at our sea, what we’re coming to be 
This is what all our guts are lookin’ like if we empty 
All our trash, and we get the backlash that our 
oceans and motions are filling up with nobody. 
We’ve made a revolutionary catastrophe 
One piece of trash at a time, now it’s up to me 
It’s not a pretty site but we must fight for we’re way behind the time that littering’s alright. 
Cleaning oceans is just as hard core as mopping a floor, taking scrap out the door.   
While the waters running now, we need to make a vow, 
We need to pave the waves of change before it all goes down. 

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