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We Are The Plastic People
By: Georgia Germond and Megan Hazlitt

We are no longer fantastic people,
Churnin’ and burnin’ we are the plastic people,
We need to go green you know what I mean before we mill and we kill off the world that is clean. Our oceans are a garbage patch where nothing can hatch, soon Our water will have too plastic to even splash, cuz of cash? No,
In a few years there’ll be more plastic than there was in a thousand years.

I’ll scream, when I see the cuisine that I’m served, ya I heard this fish got plastic between
All its scales and its meat. Ya, I know this defeat, can’t go back, can’t retract all the litter we leave.

Look around at our sea, what we’re coming to be This is what all our guts are lookin’ like if we empty All our trash, and we get the backlash that our oceans and motions are filling up with nobody.

We’ve made a revolutionary catastrophe
One piece of trash at a time, now it’s up to me
It’s not a pretty site but we must fight for we’re way behind the time that littering’s alright.

Cleaning oceans is just as hard core as mopping a floor, taking scrap out the door.
While the waters running now, we need to make a vow, We need to pave the waves of change before it all goes down.