shakila 11:11 when I close my eyes city of love album

When I close My Eyes Lyrics

Verse 1-  

When I close my eyes I can feel your presence  
That's how I know you're alive you're a part of me  
Every night my image of you is so crystal clear  
so crystal clear  
Let us spread the word that love is with us everywhere  
With us everywhere. everywhere  

But nothing compares to this feeling I have  
You're my friend, you're my love, you my soul  
Love is the feeling that true  
And I fall deeper and deeper  
When I gaze into your soul  

Love makes you believe in all there is  
Love is everywhere  
look around look around look around  
look around look around  
Get up and dance around and around  
Love is everywhere  
Look around look around look around  
Look around look around  

yeah yeah  
yeah yeah

11:11 City of love


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