Shakila proves with “11:11 City of love” that she is solidifying her spot in international pop culture! 

The international Award winning  Artist, Shakila, began her career when she was invited to perform on a major television show. It is here that she caught the attention of numerous producers that wanted to transition her into a professional artist. Though Shakila so eagerly wanted to become a star, she made sure to focus on her education, and limited her performances to talent shows and school competitions.

Through hard work and determination, she completed her studies and ultimately succeeded in becoming a professional performer in 1990, releasing her first Persian hit album. An official Grammy voting member, Shakila has won the Persian International Artist Award, and has already released over twenty Persian albums. Now in 2015 she releases her full-length English album “11:11 City of love”, after having released multiple English-language singles since 2012.

shakila-350One of the things I love about Shakila is the fact that, although she has proven through her massive catalog that she is a magnificent powerhouse vocalist, she still manages to find ways to push the envelope with her music. In this newest album, “11:11 City of love”, she allows herself to toy with her voice. In the title track, “City of love” and “Teach hate how to love again”, we experience her delicious natural vibrato, which is stupefying on “Baraftou”.

We also get raw, edgy pop in “If you distance yourself” or delicious Indian EDM with “Na tum harmien jaano”. There is dreamy new-age and world-music flavors in “The Secret” and “Power of NOW!”.  My favorite Shakila moments though, come when she lowers her voice to a sweet whisper in ballads and then soars to spiritually uplifting heights. We get some major ‘sweet-whisper’ and ‘soaring-heights’ moments to die for, on this album!

Not shying away from modern pop songs, Shakila shows that she shouldn’t be underestimated in the current pop world as she can give the majority of today’s pop divas a run for their money with groovy tracks like “When I close my eyes”, “Pledge for peace” and “My Heart”.



This newest work by Shakila proves that she is solidifying her spot in international pop culture. She is in a place in her career where her experience and surefootedness allows her to display artistic liberty with new projects, and no matter what her song selections or language choices may be, they fit perfectly within her repertoire, further proving that the woman can do no wrong with the voice she has.

Shakila is a master of music interpretation; her voice tells the complete story in each and every song. With so many young female stars stripping down to almost nothing on TV or through entire live concerts – just to sell records and claim their way to fame, it’s great to see someone with Shakila’s talent and purity of spirit and intent, able to do what she does. And without running around half-naked and using foul language or transmitting negativity in her lyrics. This woman is an excellent role model in addition to her talent.

11:11 City of love” is stunning Adult Contemporary pop music album! True to her legacy, Shakila pleases with her unique ability to transmit her experience of singing and joy into the hearts of listeners, as she interprets the themes of love, peace and harmony!

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